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“Spa for the Spirit” Retreats
Vacations with Lasting Results

“Connie’s retreats are unique beyond imagination. The single best gift I’ve ever given myself. Anytime is the right time. Connie, herself, is a present day goddess.”
—Katie Wolff
Business Owner and Entrepreneur


"Spa for the Spirit" Women's Retreat
Sayulita, Mexico, on the Pacific Coast
6 nights. Limited to 10 women
In the lovely Pacific Coast fishing village of Sayulita. You will return home refreshed, but more than a vacation, you will reconnect to what really matters in your life. Your souvenirs are easy to pack: lifetools for inner peace, joy and fulfillment.
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“Connie created an oasis of joy and support so we could explore what really matters in life.”
—Sally McReynolds, Intercultural Consultant & Artist

What is the magic of a “Spa for the Spirit” Retreat?

RetreatsA “Spa for the Spirit” retreat plucks you out of the intensity of a 24/7, fast-paced life. In the tranquil beauty of a lovely resort location, you will relax as layers of stress and concern melt away. As you deeply quiet your mind, Connie’s program will guide you to hear the inner voice of wisdom, calling you back to what you yearn for in your life. Return home refreshed and inspired to launch a vision that makes your heart sing.

“I loved the whole thing. What an incredible experience! I didn’t want it to end. I feel ready to move on to the next step!”
—Linda Henderson,
Director, Business Development & Communications

ConnieConnie's Presence
A contagious aura of vitality, joy, love, playfulness, inspiration and passion. Each woman leaves having revived these qualities in herself.

“A very restorative and refreshing experience. I lost a sense of time and worldly concerns…easy to focus on the experience and to feel joy.”
—Marilyn Harrison, Certified
Personal Fitness Trainer

Her Unique Program
The magical design of a “Spa for the Spirit” retreat moves women from burnout to breakthrough with deep restoration and outrageous fun! In a supportive community of women you will be guided to reconnect to a vision of the life you truly want to create. Powerful ceremonies will help you to overcome obstacles and unleash your power. You will return home with skills to make it real.

The pace and stress of these times threatens to rob you of the amazement and enchantment of life. Retreating away is essential for success and fulfillment today.

Retreats for Women 50 and Better: Joy After 50+ Retreats

I have designed a retreat program for women 50 plus to tap the depth of experience we share at this fertile time of life. The phase of a woman’s life, after 50, is pregnant with possibilities!!! The potential of decades more of living, loving, and creating holds the promise of deep fulfillment and joy, a lasting legacy and the secret to a meaningful journey in the “second half.”

“A wonderful, nurturing experience. Connie’s guidance in getting rid of old negatives and replacing them with loving kindness and “positives,” empowers one to embrace their future.”
—Nancy McCarthy, Flight Attendant

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"Spa for the Spirit" Retreat locations include:

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